NAV Genomic Evaluation and NAV Beef Evaluation

The latest NAV routine genomic evaluation took place as scheduled. NAV carried out genomic prediction for Holstein, RDC and Jersey. Genomic breeding values of bulls are updated to NAV Bull Search after each evaluation.

NAV has also released breeding values for purebred beef bulls and cows. Beef breeding values are updated to NAV Beef Search.

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NAV Evaluation

The second NAV routine evaluation for this year took place as scheduled. NAV Bull Search has been updated with new EBV’s and GEBV’s.

For Jersey, the weight for claw health in NTM was slightly changed. This increases the expected response for claw health and has very limited effect on the genetic response in all other traits.

In NAV Bull Search, two new genetic traits were included for Holstein: Red factor and dominant variant red factor.

NAV Beef Search is also updated with new beef x dairy breeding values.

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