Improved NAV Interbull Search page

NAV has launched a new NAV Interbull Search page for bulls having Interbull evaluation on Nordic scale. With this page it is easy to find the best bulls around the world.


NAV Interbull Search has almost all the same features as NAV Bull Search and it is very easy to use. Bulls can be found according to breed, birth country or birth year. It is possible to sort bulls by different breeding values. More information is found on the bull’s own page.


NAV Interbull Search is updated after each Interbull evaluation, three times a year. For RDC and Jersey there is Interbull breeding values based only on progeny information (EBV) but for Holstein there is also genomic breeding values available (GEBV).


Compared to previously, NTM for genomically tested foreign bulls based on Interbull GEBVs will no longer be displayed on the page. For daughter proven bulls, both domestic and foreign, the publication is unchanged and their NTM is displayed and based on Interbull EBVs.


NAV Interbull search can also be reached directly from NAV start page.

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