Improved breeding values for Milkability, May 2024

New indexes for nine beef breeds, March 2024

Higher NTM give less methane, February 2024

Improved breeding values for Growth, February 2024

Improved yield index for RDC February 2024


More breeds for NAV purebred beef evaluation, November 2023

Improved breeding values for General health, November 2023

Improved breeding values for Claw health, November 2023

Rib structure is the new name for Angularity, September 2023

Gestation length included in the BeefxDairy evaluation, May 2023

NAV subindices for purebred beef: within breed specific subindex weights, March 2023


Next generation of models for genetic evaluation, November 2022

Introduction of improved prediction for type traits, November 2022

Improved indices for calving, November 2022

Youngstock survival included in the BeefxDairy evaluation, November 2022

Genomic breeding values give better breeding decisions, October 2022

1% of Holstein cows have red coat colour, March 2022

More polled cows in all breeds, March 2022


Genomic breeding values for crossbred dairy cows provide new opportunities, December 2021

Nordic breeding values for beef breeds, November 2021

Get information about polledness and beta-casein, May 2021

Possible to breed for reduced feed costs in milk production – now also in the US , April 2021


Inbreeding trend within the Holstein population worldwide, November 2020

Metabolic efficiency included in the Saved feed index, November 2020

Saved feed adds more value to NTM, August 2020


NAV introduces an index for Saved feed, August 2019

Improved breeding values for general health, May 2019

Genetic traits, March 2019


Improvement of genomic breeding values, February 2018


Improved breeding values for general health traits, November 2017


Improvements for GEBVs, November 2016

New fertility evaluation, November 2016

Animal model for calving traits, November 2016

Udder coordinates from AMS, November 2016

More accurate EBVs for yield, November 2016

Youngstock survival is included in NTM, May 2016


Updated claw health evaluation, November 2015


Improved fertility evaluation, May 2015

NAV Bull Search is getting even better!, February 2015


Improved NAV breeding values for conformation, November 2014

Breeding for stronger youngstock, November 2014

The Frame index describes the size of cows, August 2014

Breeding for increased size gives less functional cows, August 2014

Improved breeding value for milkability, August 2014

Improved quality of genomic breeding values for RDC and Jersey, August 2014

Changes in NAV genetic evaluation, May 2014

International genomic breeding values for Holstein, May 2014

A new, easy way to find the best AI bulls, May 2014


Longevity of Nordic dairy cows can be improved, November 2013

Minor changes in conformation indices for RDC and Jersey, November 2013

Which conformation traits are most important for dairy cow functionality?, August 2013

Changes in NTM, May 2013

A high index for milking speed shortens milking time, February 2013

Two reasons for using genomic tests on females – from a farmer’s perspective, February 2013


World Holstein Conference, November 4-7 2012, Toronto, Canada: Selection for Disease Resistance

NTM ensures a balanced breeding – an example of udder health and milkability, November 2012

Genomically tested cows have now breeding values with genomic information, August 2012

Electronic claw health registration – now also in Finland and Sweden, August 2012

Check out the current genetic level and the development of the Nordic dairy breeds , August 2012

Large focus on genomic breeding values around the world, August 2012

Risk of losing money if you don´t select sires by NTM, August 2012

Reliable breeding values for proven Nordic bulls, May 2012

NTM is tailor-made for Nordic farmers, May 2012

Revision of Nordic Total Merit index, NTM, February 2012

Improved genetic evaluation for milk traits, February 2012


The 28th European Holstein-Red Holstein Conference, June 30 – July 3 2009, Istanbul, Turkey: Health, Longevity and Economic Merit – Key Words in the Nordic Cattle Breeding Goal


New Nordic Total Merit index with continued focus on profitable dairy cows

Economic and healthy cows will be the outcome of the new NTM – Nordic Total Merit

Ayrshire World Congress, June 2008, Hämeenlinna, Finland:

Finland, the pioneer of health recording and breeding for health traits

Scandinavian co-operation in dairy evaluation


International Red Cow Conference, July 11-13 2007, Malmö, Sweden: Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation – a tool for practical breeding with red breeds

The 27th European Holstein-Red Holstein Conference, July 2-5 2007, Aarhus, Denmark: Registration on farm level. Can I trust the results from national and international listings and breeding values?


Effect of Nordic Total Merit Indices