Reliabilities for GEBV’s

Reliabilities on GEBV’s are published

In November 2015 NAV starts to publish reliabilities along with the GEBV for genomically tested bulls. The estimated reliabilities (%) for candidate bulls are presented per bred for the main traits in table 1. The differences in the level of the reliabilities can to a large extend be explained by the differences in size of the reference populations for the three breeds.


Table 1 Average GEBV reliabilities (%) for bull calves born in 2014

Traits Holstein RDC Jersey
Yield 74 67 67
Growth 60 49 28
Fertility 65 47 42
Birth 70 57 44
Calving 64 43 65
Udder health 68 57 56
Other disease 45 38 26
Claw health 43 33
Longevity 61 38 37
Frame 73 58 63
Feet & Legs 68 54 53
Udder 73 55 60
Milking speed 69 66 60
Temperament 62 53 27

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New weigths for Jersey’s udder index

Jersey has changed weight in udder index

In November 2015, Jersey has introduced a new weighing of the linear conformation traits in the overall udder index. The new and the old weights are shown in table 1. The changes in weights for udder create significant reranking of cows and bulls. The correlation between the old and the new udder index for Jersey bulls is 0.84.


Table 1. Old and new weightings of linear udder traits in mammary. Jersey

Traits Previous New
Fore udder attachment 25 20
Rear udder height 5
Rear udder width
Udder cleft 10
Udder depth 35 25
Teat length 3
Teat thickness 12
Teat placement, front 15
Teat placement, back -10
Udder balance -10
Codes for udder 5



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Official Interbeef breeding values

Denmark, Finland and Sweden (DFS) participate together in Interbeef, the international genetic evaluation for beef cattle. The aim with Interbeef is the same as with Interbull, thus to be able to compare breeding values for animals from different parts of the word.

Now there are official Interbeef breeding values on a common DFS scale published for Adjusted Weaning Weight (AWW) direct effect for the breeds Charolais and Limousin.

Read more about the Nordic cooperation in Interbeef and look at top lists of Interbeef breeding values under Beef Cattle.

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