Updated Interbeef breeding values

Now there are new official Interbeef breeding values published for the breeds Charolais, Limousin and Simmental.

New with this update is that there are international breeding values for Birth Weight (BWT) and Calving Ease (CAE)  also for Simmental. Breeding values for Adjusted Weaning Weight (AWW) were already available for all three breeds.

Read more about the Nordic cooperation in Interbeef and look at top lists of Interbeef breeding values under Beef Cattle.

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NAV Genomic Evaluation

The latest NAV routine genomic evaluation took place as scheduled. NAV carried out genomic prediction for Holstein, RDC and Jersey.

Genomic breeding values of bulls are updated to NAV Bull Search after each evaluation.

Read more from the NAV newsletter.

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New articles about phenotypic tool and how well NTM works!

Phenotypic tool is updated and now it also includes values for fat and protein content. You can find the phenotypic tool from NAV Bull Search in bull’s own page. Read more from the article:


Nordic total merit index, NTM is ten years old and now it is time too see how well it works. Herds in all three countries are divided in two groups based on the parent average NTM of cows and the phenotypic results of these groups are compared. The results clearly show that higher NTM means better lifetime production. Read more from these articles:

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