NAV Evaluation

The fourth NAV routine evaluation this year took place as scheduled. The NAV Bull Search has been updated with the new EBV’s and GEBV’s. NAV Beef Search is also updated with new beef x dairy breeding values.

In this evaluation single step method was introduced for general health and claw health and it replaces the so called two step method. Single step uses all information from genotyped and non-genotyped animals simultaneously.

Read more about the changes:

Rib structure

The trait definition of angularity has been changed over the years to better describe the actual trait. Last year it was decided to also change the name of the trait, so that the trait name would also better describe the trait. The new name is Rib structure.

From the 5th of September you will see the new name Rib structure in all NAV’s dairy search pages and trend page.

Read more from the paper Rib structure is the new name for Angularity.

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NAV Genomic Evaluation

The latest NAV routine genomic evaluation took place as scheduled. NAV carried out genomic prediction for Holstein, RDC and Jersey. Genomic breeding values of bulls are updated to NAV Bull Search after each evaluation.

Read more from the NAV newsletter.

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