New subindices for beef bulls and cows

NAV has released seven subindices for purebred beef bulls and cows. New subindices include same traits for all breeds, but weight factors are breed specific.

Read more about the subindices from NAV newsletter and from a paper NAV subindices for purebred beef: within breed specific subindex weights.

More information about the beef breeding values and publication can be found at NAV homepage under Beef publication.

NAV Genomic Evaluation and NAV Beef Evaluation

The latest NAV routine genomic evaluation took place as scheduled. NAV carried out genomic prediction for Holstein, RDC and Jersey. Genomic breeding values of bulls are updated to NAV Bull Search after each evaluation.

NAV has also released breeding values for purebred beef bulls and cows. Beef breeding values are updated to NAV Beef Search.

Read more from the NAV newsletter.