Genetic traits – Dairy cattle

Genetic traits are traits that are inherited by a single gene or haplotype (group of alleles inherited together) and are not affected by the environment. These includes both traits such as polledness, red coat colour and beta casein and genetic defects such as CVM and bulldog, which are undesirable.  It is now possible to detect a large number of genetic traits by using a separate lab test or deriving them from the SNP results based a genomic test. Results show which of the allele variants an animal carries. This information can be used to avoid mating of animals that carry unwanted alleles for certain traits e.g. bulldog or select animals that carry desirable alleles for other traits e.g. polledness.

Available results from genomic test for bulls can be seen on the bull’s own page at NAV bull search. Genetic traits derived from laboratory are not included in bull’s own page.

Overview of genetic traits – Dairy cattle

Description of genetic traits – Dairy cattle