New breeding values based on beef x dairy crossbred data

NAV has now released the first breeding values for beef sires from a new genetic evaluation that utilizes data on beef × dairy crossbreds. The use of beef semen in dairy herds has increased considerably during the past years, and these new breeding values will aid farmers in their choice of the right beef sire to use on dairy cows that are not needed to produce recruitments. Breeding values are calculated for two groups of traits: calving traits and carcass traits.

Information about the new breeding values and publication list can be found under Beef Cattle and BeefxDairy publication.

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Newsletter BeefxDairy

New breeding values for beef breed sires used on dairy cows

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NAV Genomic Evaluation

The latest NAV routine genomic evaluation took place as scheduled. NAV carried out genomic prediction for Holstein, RDC and Jersey.

Genomic breeding values of bulls are updated to NAV Bull Search after each evaluation. Read more from the NAV newsletter.

NAV Interbull Search has been also updated with new Interbull breeding values.

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