NAV Beef Search is open!

NAV has launched a new NAV Beef Search for beef bulls. With NAV Beef Search it is possible to search for beef bulls that have either pure beef progeny or crossbred progeny. In the beginning NAV Beef Search will only include beefxdairy search which includes the results of NAV beefxdairy evaluation.

NAV Beef Search has many of the same features as NAV Bull Search and NAV Interbull Search and it is very easy to use.  The search page contains all publishable breeding values and other relevant information for the AI beef bulls included in the evaluation. The user have to select the appropriate rearing period (short or long) to get the result. Bulls can be found according to the breed, birth country, birth year or by name. It is possible to sort bulls by different breeding values. More information is found on the bull’s own page.

NAV beefxdairy breeding values are published four times a year in connection to NAV evaluations for dairy (February, May, August and November).

The results of Interbeef and NAV Beef evaluations will be implemented to NAV Beef Search later.

NAV Beef Search can also be reached directly from NAV start page.

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NAV Evaluation

The fourth NAV routine evaluation for this year took place as scheduled. The NAV Bull Search has been updated with new EBV’s and GEBV’s.

In this evaluation NAV published GEBV’s for the first time for saved feed, persistency, carcass conformation score and daily carcass gain.

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