Genomic evaluation

NAV does genetic evaluation including genomic information for both males and females for Holstein, RDC and Jersey. NAV also offers genomic evaluation services for foreign males and females.

Female RDC, HOL, JER

For females it is possible to order GEBV’s for foreign females from more herds or just for single females and it is also possible to order genotyping and GEBV.

Read more: NAV genomic evaluation service for international females.

Male, Holstein

For males, the genomic evaluation service is only for Holstein. It is possible to order GEBV for Interbull traits (EuroGenomics) and/or GEBV for the unique Nordic traits.

Read more: NAV Genomic evaluation service for International Holstein AI bulls.

Publication of GEBV for foreign animals

Breeding values for genomic tested females are published on national databases, while breeding values for young genomic tested bulls are published in different places:

  • NAV breeding values for bulls with Nordic herdbook number (AI-code) are published on NAV bull search, and national databases.
  • NAV genomic breeding values for foreign bulls age 10 months to 5 years without a Nordic herdbook number are published in excel sheets (HOL, RDC, JER). The excel sheets also include GEBVs for bulls used for AI in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The excel sheets are targeted at foreign AI-companies
  • Interbull GMACE breeding values for Holstein bulls with or without Nordic herdbook number are published on Interbull bull search.

Delivery of DNA tissue, genotypes and pedigree information

For genotypes received from outside the Nordic countries please be aware of genotype and pedigree format.

For delivery of DNA tissue for genotyping, be aware of deadlines for sending DNA tissue for inclusion in genetic evaluation.

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