NAV Evaluation

The first NAV routine evaluation for this year took place as scheduled. The NAV Bull Search has been updated with new EBV’s and GEBV’s.

In the udder health evaluation a change in editing procedure for Swedish herds was implemented which implied that lactations were removed from herds for which veterinary reporting of diseases was incomplete. Similar editing is in place also for general health evaluation and for the other countries. The change in included information from Sweden had the effect that some bulls lost information from daughters previously included. The average change of udder health index for most bulls and cows was however minor, but some animals showed considerably larger changes.

At this evaluation, NAV published updated breeding values for beef sires based on data on beef × dairy crossbreds. This type of values were published for the first time in December 2018, but from now on they will be published in connection with the ordinary NAV evaluations four times per year. Information about BxD EBVs and publication list can be found under Beef Cattle and BeefxDairy publication.

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