New weigths for Jersey’s udder index

Jersey has changed weight in udder index

In November 2015, Jersey has introduced a new weighing of the linear conformation traits in the overall udder index. The new and the old weights are shown in table 1. The changes in weights for udder create significant reranking of cows and bulls. The correlation between the old and the new udder index for Jersey bulls is 0.84.


Table 1. Old and new weightings of linear udder traits in mammary. Jersey

Traits Previous New
Fore udder attachment 25 20
Rear udder height 5
Rear udder width
Udder cleft 10
Udder depth 35 25
Teat length 3
Teat thickness 12
Teat placement, front 15
Teat placement, back -10
Udder balance -10
Codes for udder 5