Genetic traits also for beef animals

Genetic traits are traits that are inherited by a single gene or haplotype (group of alleles inherited together) and are not affected by the environment. It is now possible to detect a large number of genetic traits by using a separate lab test or deriving them from the SNP results based a genomic test. Available results from genomic test can be seen now on animal’s own page in NAV Beef Search for animals having NAV Beef or Interbeef evaluations. Genetic traits derived from laboratory are not included in animal’s own page.

Results for RP1 and polled are shown for all breeds. In addition, results for coat color and DD are shown for Angus, ataxia results for Charolais and results for HY, MSUD and MD for Hereford. More traits will be added. The results for genetic traits can be seen by clicking the “Show genetic traits” button below the pedigree on animal’s own page on NAV Beef Search. All available results for the selected animal are presented. In the table for genetic traits, the trait name, code and result (carrier/free) are presented. The code ends with “F” if the animal is not a carrier, for single carriers the code ends with “C” and for double carriers the code ends with “S”.

In NAV Beef search it is also possible to filter genetic traits:

More information about genetic traits is available on NAV’s homepage.