NAV Evaluation

The first NAV routine evaluation for dairy and for beef x dairy for this year took place as scheduled. NAV Bull Search and NAV Beef Search have been updated with new breeding values.

There were no changes in the dairy evaluation but in the beef x dairy evaluation two changes were introduced.

The definition of the genetic base was slightly modified to include only crossbred animals (born 2-5 years ago) born after beef sire breed that can be used in all three counties. The exclusion of crossbreds after Belgian Blue sires implies no change in ranking of the sires but a change in the average level of the breeding values. For example, for Carcass conformation score all bulls got an increase of about 8 units due to the change in base definition.

Further, a fee system was introduced which implies that for all bulls that should get published EBVs for the first time after 1st of January 2020 two criteria should be fulfilled:

  • A required level of reliability of the EBVs
  • A one-time fee for the AI bull payed by the bull owner/importer of semen


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