NAV genomic evaluation service for international females

Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation (NAV) in cooperation with Viking Genetics (VG) offers genomic evaluation of RDC, Holstein and Jersey females (heifers and cows) on the Nordic scale (DFS scale).

Requester will receive official genomic breeding values based upon the Nordic scale for all sub-indices included in the Nordic Total Merit index (NTM) including the unique Nordic health traits, and linear conformation traits. Females will get monthly updated GEBVs.  After submission of pedigree and genotype information, NAV can provide genomic evaluation services.

Large scale ordering of DFS GEBV’s for foreign females from more herds (large scale), payment 20 euro per female

The requester has to email animal id, genotype, and pedigree information to NAV ( with cc to GEBV’s will be emailed monthly by NAV to the requester.

Ordering of DFS GEBV’s for single foreign females, payment 30 euro per female

The requester has to send animal id, genotype, and pedigree information to VG (

It is also possible to order genotyping and GEBV via VG  for genotyping and genomic evaluation for a total cost of 50 euro per female. In that case, the requester has to send animal id and pedigree information to VG (, and instructions will follow on taking the sample and where to send the DNA sample.

Delivery of DNA tissue and genotypes

For genotypes received from outside the Nordic countries, please be aware of the genotype and pedigree format and the deadlines for sending DNA tissue for inclusion in genomic evaluation.

Needed information about requester

NAV needs the following information about the requester:

  • Company name and address
  • Email address to be used for billing
  • VAT number