Deadlines for Genomic Prediction

Deadlines – NAV Routine Genomic Prediction 2020/21

Publication dateTissue samples from NAV-countries or abroadAnimals genotyped abroad
Registration of pedigree in national databasesGenotype, Pedigree and Publication status received and accepted by NAV
1st December 20205th November12th November
5th January 202126th November 20203rd December 2020
2nd February 202111th December 20206th January 2020
2nd March 20213rd February3rd February
6th April 20213rd March3rd March
4th May 202117th March17th March
1st June 20215th May5th May
6th July 202110th June9th June
10th August 202118th June23rd June
7th September 20216th August11th August
5th October 20218th September8th September
2nd November 202117th September6th October
7th December 20215th November10th November
4th January 202226th November 20211st December 2021