Nordic cooperation

Joint Nordic activities for beef cattle

While NAV carries out joint genetic evaluation and breeding value publication for dairy breeds, the official beef breed genetic evaluations are currently carried out nationally by the three member countries Denmark, Finland and Sweden (DFS). Thus, national official beef breeding values are published by SEGES, Faba or Växa Sverige on their national web pages.

However, NAVs member countries are carrying out joint activities for beef cattle breeds when it comes to:

  • Genetic evaluation of beef bulls used in dairy herds
  • Participation in Interbeef – international genetic evaluation for beef cattle

The plan is to increase the joint Nordic activities for beef cattle in the future to include also a joint official genetic evaluation for purebred beef cattle. This would contribute to a more efficient selection and secure that we make best use of available resources.

Genetic evaluation of beef bulls used in dairy herds

The purpose with breeding values for AI beef bulls evaluated on their crossbred offspring from dairy cows is to give the dairy farmer the possibility to select the best beef bulls for inseminating cows in their herd from which they do not need replacement heifers. It is desirable to use beef sires that give rise to crossbred calves that are easily born and have a good growth and carcass quality, thus calves that will have a high economic value. An important characteristic of NAV breeding values for AI beef bulls used on dairy cows is that they are comparable across sire breed.

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Participation in Interbeef

NAV member countries participate jointly in Interbeef, the international genetic evaluation for beef cattle carried out by Interbull Centre. The aim with Interbeef is the same as with Interbull, thus to be able to compare breeding values for animals from different parts of the world and facilitate selection of the best bulls worldwide. A bull that is genetically best in one country might not be best in another country. International breeding values for beef bulls are currently available for some breeds and traits and are published on each participating country’s own scale of publishing breeding values.

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